The development characteristics of my country's food packaging machinery


The technological innovation capability of China's food packaging machinery industry is very weak, started relatively late, lacks scientific research capabilities, and the foundation is not solid enough, which to some extent seriously affects the development of China's food industry.

There are about 1300 types of food packaging machinery in China, lacking high-tech, high-precision, and high-quality supporting products. The product has low performance, poor stability and reliability, short lifespan, rough surface treatment, and unattractive appearance. In terms of product development, it is still basically in the testing and imitation stage, with weak self-development ability, low scientific research investment, and only 1% of sales revenue, while developed countries have as high as 8-10%. Currently, the development of food packaging machinery in China has the following characteristics:

1、 Low productivity in combination and mechatronics integration of food packaging machinery enterprises

This has to some extent reduced the profitability of food packaging machinery enterprises, directly affecting the reduction of research and development costs for food packaging machinery, resulting in a vicious cycle of insufficient scientific research capabilities.

2、 Most food packaging machinery enterprises mainly produce single machines

The profit margin of single machine production is meager, and it is impossible to obtain complete sales orders. However, its technological content is moderate, and it is cost-effective, suitable for the economic conditions of developing countries and regions, such as ASEAN countries. In the future, the prospects for export business to these countries and regions are broad.

At present, improving the scientific research capabilities of food packaging machinery and quickly completing market transformation, seizing the development opportunities of China's food industry, are urgent issues that food packaging machinery enterprises need to solve.

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