Candy machinery industry transforms to green production


As one of the fastest-growing nations in the global economy, the situation question has become one of the severe challenges facing China's socio-economic development before the title. This increasingly prominent and expanding question has once affected the ecological security of the region and can continue to develop. In this context, China's promotion of green manufacturing has obtained strong support from the policy and property circles. Related companies and manufacturers have adjusted the property structure from time to time, and promoted green, circular and low-carbon development. At the same time, the editor of the Candy Machinery Company introduced that from time to time, all sectors of the society ordered the promotion of green consumption, and then mobilized the entire property chain to transition to green production.
From the perspective of consumers, more and more consumers support the continuity of the product. According to observations, 80% of consumers believe that they have purchased at least one type of continuable product; among consumers from 60 countries, 55% of people indicated that they would like to receive more money to purchase products or services from companies that work hard to influence the society and the situation. In the field of food property, the vast majority of companies expect that confectionery machinery can be more environmentally friendly in food processing projects.
Our country is a country with a large food production and consumption, and food property has developed rapidly. However, the development methods of the world's food property are still more intensive, and some small workshops are outdated in production configuration, with low production capacity and large purification. In the future, relevant parts still need to be strengthened. The structure of food property needs to be optimized urgently, and food property should be promoted to a new type of property with high technology and less purification. Candy machinery enterprises also need to keep up with the pace of development during the period, adapt to the development of the tide, improve product skills, take the road of energy conservation, environmental protection, and help food companies to develop better and faster.

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