Candy machinery enters intelligent development


In order to comply with the intensification of market competition, in recent years, China's confectionery machinery manufacturing industry is undergoing intense changes. For example, the large-scale production of enterprises has changed to flexible production according to the market or customer requirements. In some places, production is promoted to globalization, production changes, and manufacturing facilities ’requirements for certification, capital, compliance, and safety are also progressing from time to time. It is foreseeable that these changes will promote the development and use of active skills into new developments. stage.
Intelligentization is the future bias of the automatic development of candy machinery manufacturing, but these skills are not heavy creatures, and their use in the manufacturing industry has been gradually demonstrated. In fact, for today's Chinese manufacturing industry, it is not difficult to use intelligent manufacturing skills. The question now is that if the intelligence is only completed in a certain part of the enterprise, but it cannot be optimized globally, the significance of this intelligence is unlimited.the significance of this intelligence is unlimited.
Intelligent candy machinery manufacturing workshops require a clear grasp of the production and sales process, improve the controllability of the production process, increase manual intervention in the production line, collect data in real time and accurately, and arrange fairer production plans and production schedules, from product development to planning, outsourcing, Production and delivery, etc., each stage of manufacturing needs to be highly active and intelligent, and the high degree of integration of information in each stage is a definite trend. The software will become the basis of the tight control of the construction of intelligent chemical farms. Controlling the copyright of the engineering network, manipulation interfaces, high-efficiency computer computing platform connection, cross-network cloud computing and information integration analysis and statistics will all become important elements.

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